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November 04, 2022 | Adrian PohlSteffen Rörtgen

In this blog post we want to introduce to you a new member in the Open Infrastructure team at the Hochschulbibliothekszentrum NRW who will be working on SkoHub as well as invite you to a workshop to present and discuss our future plans for the SkoHub project.

After some time with not much happening (or even with shutting down some SkoHub services), we are happy to inform about a lot of movement in the space. We already announced the current project with the effective WEBWORK team to develop a new logo, improve the design and fix some minor issues in SkoHub. We are happy about the improvements made. Watch this space for more details in an upcoming post.

Welcome, Steffen!

We are very happy to welcome Steffen Rörtgen in the open infrastructure team at the Hochschulbibliothekszentrum NRW who has joined the team this November. In his former projects he already made heavy use of SkoHub Vocabs and contributed to the project. He will now focus on further SkoHub development in context of the project which is funded by the Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia (MKW).

With the grant for this project, we have resources for further development and would like to discuss with you our plans, especially regarding the use of SkoHub for reconciliation and the ActivityPub-based publish/subscribe approach (SkoHub PubSub). Having already defined some work packages within the project we would like to align these with use cases and ideas the SkoHub community has.

Upcoming workshop

Therefore we are happy to invite you to a small workshop on Thursday, the 17th of November. We will start at 10:00h CET and split the workshop into two parts with each one lasting about two hours:

In the first part we will give an overview of the past and current developments of SkoHub as well as an introduction to the project and its plans for SkoHub. At the end of the first part we want to discuss use cases for the publish/subscripe approach of SkoHub as well as for reconciliation. Our community member Andreas Wagner already developed a prototype for reconciliation with SkoHub, which he will present.

In the second part of the workshop we will then deep dive into the reconciliation topic. We will discuss Andreas’ approach and develop a roadmap for SkoHub to implement the desired reconciliation functionalities.

For more details, see the pad with the preliminary agenda.

If you are interested in the workshop, please send an email to and give us a note if you are joining the whole workshop or just the first part.

Please be aware that we won’t give a general introduction to SkoHub and expect you to be familiar with SKOS and the approach of SkoHub.

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