Collaborating on improving SkoHub Vocabs

May 19, 2022 | Adrian PohlAnne Christensen

In a kickoff workshop, the SkoHub team at hbz has launched a cooperation with the Hamburg-based company effective WEBWORK to work on some pending issues regarding both functionality and design of SkoHub Vocabs. The issues and progress of the project can be followed in a Kanban board.

The Backlog, Ready and Working columns of the project's Kanban board as of 2022-05-19

A big part of the project will concern a new functionality to support the grouping of concepts by creating SKOS collection pages (Issue #159). Another central goal of the cooperation is a redesign of the static sites that are generated by SkoHub Vocabs. Finally, a logo is to be developed for the SkoHub softwar suite that will hopefully capture the spirit of the software and the community behind it. We are looking forward to presenting the results within the next months.

The team from effective WEBWORK consists of software developers, a librarian and a designer whose skills overlap with those of the SkoHub community in many ways and especially regarding their enthusiasm for open source solutions. We are looking forward to this collaboration!

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